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Rigger Jill ** Mistress Jill ** Doctor J.Hessen

My phone number: +(32) 476 92 01 25
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As a true BDSM-lover, involved in the BDSM world for 23 years, I love to realise fantasies, to which I can relate. Soft or hard is no importance. Mutual sympathy and mutual fantasy are the basics for a successful realisation of your fantasy.

For the real masochist I can be surprisingly mean and sadistic with a wicked smile. I am creative, empathetic and in my element, when technical skill is required, to accomplish your fantasy. That could explain my keen interest in rope bondage, rope suspension, mummification and medical treatments. I also enjoy role-play, physical discipline/ torture and soft to hard BDSM. Especially role-play as it add an extra dimension to the session.

Every visitor is different, so I always discuss the content of your session in advance, by mail or by phone and also on arrival. You can be a slave, a masochist, a sub, a fetishist, a bondage lover, a scenario player, a patient, anything you want. Challenge me to realise an unforgettable experience, based on your extra-ordinary fantasy. My creativity and technical skills are almost limitless!

I would not describe myself as Dominant, because that reminds me of the image of a Mistress who snarls at her slave that Her Will Is The Law and no consultation is allowed. That is not consistent with my vision and role as a Mistress. Another term that gives me the creeps is 'Lifestyle', even though domination is the most natural thing for me. Many would describe me as a strong, enthusiastic and independent woman, and that could explain why dominating feels so natural. It is not an act, it is me. I am happy to be born this way. BDSM is something that never gets boring and is still an addiction, a healthy one, even after 23 years. It took me many years of searching and experimenting before, finally at the age of 22, I became member of the only BDSM organisation in Belgium at that time. It was like a warm homecoming.

Occasionally I am asked to realize fantasies which are not my cup of tea. Instead of a bad quality session I would rather refer you to a colleague who specialises in your fantasy. Transvestism, without any reference to BD/SM , is something I can't relate to. Verbal humiliation, without any reason or cause, feels unnatural to me. Don't misunderstand me, I love to humiliate when you are into that and your behaviour or your answers provoke it.

I do not offer sessions with myself as Divine, Supreme Goddess, Fetish Queen, Rubber Lady. Nor do I offer Body worship, Fetish games, golden shower (directly from the source), facesitting and other soft erotic games. If that is your scene I can recommend you my colleagues Mistress Shane, Lady Medea, TV Mistress Bissya and Switch Emma. Their contact info is on my Friends link page

I do sessions in English or Dutch, but not exclusively in French. If you are French, German, Spanish or otherwise, and you have a good understanding of English or Dutch then we can have a session.